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Braking Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

Driving a vehicle with unsafe brakes is extremely dangerous. Every car owner (and driver) out there ought to know about most of the common issues plaguing braking systems before they take to the road. Negligence can spell disaster in most situations since failing or failed brakes tend to make the vehicle difficult to stop or even unstable under braking, two conditions which can lead to serious accidents in many different situations. Due to that, it is wise to stop your vehicle and inspect it whenever you notice any of the following warning signs:

Noises While Braking

Noises under braking are perhaps the most common brake system issues, and they mostly originate from either your brake pads or brake rotors or even both at the same time. It probably signifies that your car brakes are due their regular inspection and maintenance, which almost always requires a replacement of worn pads. If you continue driving too long with ideal worn pads, however, there is a chance that you will need to replace the disc brake rotors as well.

Irregular Pedal Travel or Resistance

A pedal that suddenly feels either too soft or too hard can signify an issue with your car’s braking system. Problems with the brake pedal are mostly related to something gone wrong inside the hydraulic system, such as a leak of brake fluid, accumulation of water vapor or air, damaged brake liners and failure of the brake booster. In any case, take care when driving your vehicle: try to get it inspected as soon as possible since your brakes can stop functioning at any time.

Instability When Braking

At times, your vehicle can start pulling to one side under braking, which means that there is some sort of imbalance in your braking system. This could be caused by a number of sources, such as an uneven wear of rotors or faulty hoses. It is recommended to talk to a mechanic to diagnose the exact cause of the problem since there can be any number of variables contributing to this condition. If you drive regularly on hilly or sloped terrain, your brake rotors Australia may have warped prematurely. In that case, you need to get them replaced or you could also face issues with your vehicle’s ABS system.

Warning Light Doesn’t Turn Off

Modern vehicles have a brake warning light on their dashboard to alert drivers of various issues plaguing the braking system. However, the light also works to remind you to disengage the parking brake before driving. As a result of this, it could stay on if you forgot to do this before getting off your driveway. But if that is not the case, you may want to avoid driving your vehicle for long: get it inspected to see whether there is some sort of failure or malfunction in the hydraulic system.

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