Health Complications Associated With Driving

Spine ache is one of the most frequent reasons for visiting the doctor, the reason provided for nearly 50 million sick days a year. Surprisingly, the most common cause for the ailment is long hours of driving. A little known fact is that, of the waking hours in a working adult’s day, the majority of their time is spent at the office and surprisingly next in line, is their vehicle. We fail to realize just how much time we actually spend traveling to work, from work, to meetings and from meetings.

Although often unobserved, between office rush traffic and out of town meetings, the hours that you spend in your car can be very long. However, the car seats most cars are equipped with on purchase are not generally designed for drivers to be seated for long periods of time daily. Sitting in your car for a lengthy amount of time places certain stress on the spine causing numerous spine and back problems that may remain unobserved, making themselves known later on in life. Basic car seats provide little to no allowance for moving your body and is often a burden on one side of the spinal column.

How to avoid spinal pain caused by driving

To avoid painful spine pain prompted by using improper car seats it is advisable to purchase aftermarket car seats. While it may be an additional cost, you should consider the purchase an investment in your own health. Spending a few hundred dollars today is far better an investment that having to spend thousands in medical expenses in later years

The aftermarket car seats available today in the market are designed with years of experience, providing safety, quality and comfort. Providing you with the choice of selecting a seat to suit your budget, ranging from basic to super luxury, these seats will provide your body the support it needs under any driving state. Further, the seat will also provide you with sufficient safety in the event of a road accident. Here are more information regarding aftermarket car seats on this link

While purchasing special seating for your car will provide your spine with adequate protection, it may not guarantee you a one hundred percent shield from ailments. It is advisable, whenever possible, to deviate from driving. You could take the bus or subway to work once in a while, maybe take a cab to that out of town meeting. If probable, encourage your kids to group up and take a walk to school together. Not only will this lower the risk of spinal disorders even further, but will also reduce mental stress and is better for the environment.