Panel Beating: Why It Works And When?

Car repairers are not actually repairing the damaged parts these days; they are simply replacing them. Traditional ways of repairing the car are still the way to get the car back to track. Repairers say the panel beating way of repairing the damaged car part is very much time consuming and labor intensive. Replacing the part turns out to be faster and economic way of doing the job. Moreover, the design of the spare parts is also too complicated to find out the correct way of fixing it.
Design of the car has undergone a sort of revolution since 1920. Those days, the parts were mostly made of simple curves and were made of such materials, for example, sheet-metal panels, wooden panels etc, which could withstand the beating and reframing process quite easily. Traditional panel beaters in Hallam are now thrown up a challenge of dealing with intricately welded stainless steel or metallic material which is certainly not so easy to beat and reform.
Very few repairers in Australia are still using the age old ways of panel beating for repairing the smashed car parts. Panel beating is of great importance when a car is in prototype stage. Several prototypes are designed before zeroing in on the perfect one. So, if the person facing the damage of smashed car is looking for the correct solution, he may refer to panel beaters who have been active in the preparation of prototypes. They are thorough with the framework and may provide best solution.
Prototypes of the car are mass-produced. Panel beating experts are provided with the designs, layouts and drawings to understand the shape and thickness of the metal sheet, which is planned to be employed for making the car. He, then, performs the beating process and makes the desired component the way producer has planned. 

When panel beating is feasible?
The material used for making the car decides whether the panel beating is the possibility or not. Malleability of a metal makes the panel beating possible. Since lot of hammering goes into traditional panel beating, the metal should be malleable enough to withstand the hits. Therefore, car when made with materials such as aluminum and stainless steel can be repaired by the way of panel beating.
So, panel beating is the traditional way of repairing the damaged car and does have lots to offer to the owner of the car such as longevity and the sturdiness of the repair. The use of various traditional tools such as hammers, dollies and rivets can help you adopt DIY procedures which you must try before queuing at the car repairs and maintenance center. Panel beating is a timeless method of car repair and is quite feasible if you are thorough with tools and equipments.