Specialists in Camper Conversion (VW)


There are a number of companies providing camper conversion service for VW transporter. Whether you want a new Camper (VW) or would like to convert an existing van or want accessories supplied, these companies provide the best services.

They guarantee each part is certified and is authentic and completely suitable for the vehicle you are planning to use. Such companies keep updating themselves by testing all sorts of new products available in the market. Everything that they design is user friendly and proper utilization of space. They are also ready to guide you if you are converting your van into a bus; these firms guide you and ensure that your requirements are met at a cost-effective price.

The campervans available in the market are multipurpose and VW transporter motorhome is impressive and come with great features too. Some of the standard features are sink comes with an electric pump, plywood cupboards, fridge freezer, table, stove, water tank, auto charging battery, etc., the campervan provides safety, comfort and good for everyday use too.

The size if campervan is ideal for country lanes with narrow in size and double bed which can be converted from a seat to a bed. It also provides a room for the second person to sleep. It is insulated completely and comes with a heater blower, which help you in giving warmth all throughout the year. The campervan also consist of gas burner to adjust to your cooking needs along with a fridge and a sink that has both hot and cold water facilities. For your safety the campervan also consist of first-aid box, fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, alarm for carbon monoxide gas and fire blanket. Smaller models also have portable toilets, external shower and water heater.

Some people who own campervan register with hire agency dealing in renting out campervans, so that they can use it as a source of income. Volkswagen motor home or campervans has really good models. Some of them have the capacity for four to five people to be seated, rock and roll beds, having water and electrical supply, full length top roof for the bed which is suitable for adults. The hiring agencies offer the best models to suit your traveling needs or you can get conversions made to suit your needs.
The campervans or motor homes are built with all amenities to make your journey comfortable and safe. Some of the campervans are pet friendly too, so you do not have to worry about carrying your pets along with you and enjoy the journey to the fullest. Even in winters you will not feel you are away from the comfort of your house as the campervans are heated properly for winters.